The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness

Lara Bernardi

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Your heart can provide you with all the power you need to make your goals and wishes a reality. Use it! This book leads you through a process for harnessing the energies of consciousness and love that will allow you to become the architect of your own life.

Know that you carry all the happiness of the world in your heart. The more attention and mindfulness you incorporate daily (through deep, conscious breathing, for example), the more you can be present in yourself. Immerse yourself in the depths of your heart, your inner temple, time and time again. Feel the power, the calm, the love that this calming influence has within you. It is here that you will find the answers to all your questions.

With this book, you hold the key that will allow you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Use this book like a deck of cards. For example, just flip to a page and start reading. Let those words take effect on you so that they become integrated into your consciousness and show you the way to success. In this way, your life will become what you’ve always wanted it to be.

This book will lead you deep into your heart and support you in your new consciousness. You will continue to become more conscious of your heart’s desires and make them a reality by creating your life through a more conscious existence. You will know that you are the architect of your life and that you create it through your thoughts, words, and actions. Have you ever noticed that although you keep advancing and developing over the years, the same old issues keep resurfacing? If yes, this is the reason: If you continue to talk about things you do not want and turn your thoughts to what you do not like, what will you get? Exactly what you do not want. So, now is the time to turn your energy towards what you do want. Think, speak, and act as the person you want to be. I call it energetic marketing: like a magnet, draw what you want to you. You will get the car, the partner, the riches, the love, the peace, the power, the health, the body, etc., that you want. It’s that simple. Start today. It’s a kind of training that brings joy, that can be easily integrated into your daily life, and that will bring the success you desire – because success is the result of thoughts, words, and actions. Work with the support of your spiritual helpers and guides. They are always on your side and will support you whenever you ask for it. Be careful what you wish for, because those wishes will be fulfilled!

I wish with all my heart that you will fulfill your dreams and live according to your true potential. You are a wonderful, loving, successful, conscious, and happy being. Live it now!

In this book, you will experience the power of the love in your heart. It is like a light that motivates, transforms, and attracts. Furthermore, your consciousness will increase, and you will finally experience happiness.

Wish for something, and it will come true…

Lara Bernardi

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. Hopefully, this story will inspire you to follow your own path, to trust yourself, and to be yourself.

When I was around 27, I met a dear friend involved in kinesiology training. She is clairvoyant. It fascinated me that she could see my aura and I told her that I found this amazing. She responded: “You are clairvoyant, too.” Okay, I thought. She also told me that the beings I saw above me at night when I was sleeping were shadow beings. I had already seen these beings, as well as angels, as a child. At that time, my mother said that these were dreams, but today she also knows better. I wasn’t aware of my gifts and abilities until this conversation. I remembered how, as a teenager, I could already sense which problems and issues people around me were struggling with. Only today do I know that this was clairaudience. An inner voice, like a computer, spoke to me: “This person has this or that issue.” I could already read the energies that were visible in people’s auras. From that day forward, my spiritual guide began teaching me. This is my direct connection with God and the divine part of my heart, my “I Am”. This part of my heart chakra is always connected with God, the Source of all being. Through this connection, I can request any information, at any time. Over the past few years I have created many spiritual approaches, such as the BERNARDI Profile®, a personality and potential assessment, from this inner Source. I got the idea for a holistic health solution that can be implemented in businesses and in private settings and that can open the consciousness for holistic health promotion techniques. The harmonizers and symbols that anchor a person in his/her core and in the center of the cosmos are also derived from this Source. You too are always connected to the Source, to the origin of all being. You can call up information from this channel whenever you like. Attune yourself to the vibration of your heart and you will gain the information you wish for.

I continue to realize that the only true path to joy is through love, the Path of the Heart. I immerse myself daily in my personal core, located in my heart chakra, and enjoy this space. Everything around me becomes calm. I sense that many people around me are confused, depressed, and fearful, but, because of this anchor, I remain centered.

I had frequent headaches from childhood until the age of 27. My mother took me to various specialists, but the headaches didn’t go away until I tried alternative natural treatments and said “Yes” to myself. Physically speaking, the neck is the door to heaven. When we are in a state of flow and remain open to divine inspiration and our own divinity, inspiration pours into the neck area.

With my current consciousness, I know that the new style of sicknesses, burn-out syndrome and rampant depression, as well as many others modern ailments, can be healed using these new methods of treatment. To me, burn-out is a sign that a person needs a lot of rest for his/her spiritual development. You need time to allow your body to adjust to the vibrational changes in the cosmos. Moreover, we should take time for fundamental life changes. We can no longer continue in the same way. Maybe we need to reconsider our attitudes towards life and our way of living, for example: the pace and length of our work schedule. Maybe it’s time to end existing partnerships (either professional or personal). Each of us determines that time with our thoughts. So, pay close attention to what you think every day. It will come to fulfillment.
After my studies in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur, Switzerland, I had the opportunity to continue working there as project leader. During this time, I started my Power Yoga training and a basic course in kinesiology. Until then, I had always said that I would not start yoga and meditation until 40. Nevertheless, I soon found that silence and meditation were much needed in my life. As I mentioned in the beginning, this was the beginning of my process of becoming conscious and the start of my path to complete health. Training in the areas of coaching, energetic Feng Shui, and many other fields soon followed. Today, I have my own business, ?BERNARDI – Center of Love. I train spiritual teachers, making a contribution to the development of human consciousness and, on a larger scale, to world peace. God’s knowledge is there for everyone and helps all who are open to it.

I am living my life’s mission both in my professional calling and privately as the mother of three girls who chose me as their mother, accompanying and guiding them as a spiritual teacher/guide as well as their mother. My day begins with meditation, prayers, and yoga, and ends in a similar fashion. In the morning, I provide spiritual counseling for clients, write my books, and put spiritual ideas into practice. In the afternoon, I enjoy time with my girls and make time for myself. On the weekends, I give seminars and, of course, I also make time for myself and my partner.

My morning meditation is central to my wellbeing. Peaceful moments – lying in the garden, for example, or going for a walk with my daughters, are additional sources of strength, as are seminars and interesting coaching/healing sessions with clients. I love my life and experience joy in fulfilling my mission. Over the course of 18 years, I have learned how to avoid the pain of the world. As a sensitive person, I am conscious of other’s pain, thoughts, etc. Nevertheless, I remain centered in myself. Again and again, I bless situations and send spiritual aides. I have learned to use my sensitive gifts through various techniques. I also wish, with all my heart, that all the children of the New Age (which includes adults!) will likewise recognize their inner beauty and discover what lies hidden inside them.

I wish, with all my heart, that people will choose the path of love and holistic consciousness. We are very close to this change, because the pressure of sickness and suffering are forcing people to look at themselves. Each of us can decide for him- or herself whether s/he wants to be healthy. Joy, love, and health are birthrights. We are all divine beings and can choose perfection.

I have always known that I am God. I am a part, an energetic component, of the greater whole. We are all God and therefore divine. It is time for us to remember this. Remember, it is in you. It is in all of us. That is why it is necessary to find moments to open yourself to your divine core, in the center of your chest. Let us be completely silent for a moment and immerse ourselves in the depths of our hearts. At the same time, let us spin a web of heart connections, like the flower of life, so that we create a center of love. Now we are again communicating with each other using our hearts, together in love and consciousness.

Consciousness and Love

I would like to thank two people who have returned love and consciousness to me: Elaine and Beat. Through my meetings and moments with them, both my love and consciousness were strongly reactivated. They brought me love and consciousness for a life of love, riches, and happiness. I now live in complete mastery of my life, mastering and manifesting what I wish. I am a creator, as are you. Create what you want your life to be through love and consciousness.

Elaine came to me as a coaching client. I was in a state of personal upheaval at the time. I had just finished my studies as a spiritual teacher in France. It had been a long time since I had opened myself for further training in the form of seminars. Instead, I was guided by my spiritual teachers and the divine guidance of my heart. In this case, my heart told me that I should complete this process of further training.

Elaine arrived shortly before I received my new, spiritual name of Lara in a coaching. Each coaching was a very exciting experience for me. We had cosmic realizations, saw connections, and did a global healing. Elaine is a being of pure love who brings love to the earth. During and after these coachings, I became more and more conscious that we can and should live authentically. No one else can experience the power of our own love. We can and should live our strength, our knowledge, our love, and the power that exists within us.

The hidden wisdom of God lies in the heart of every person; whoever steps through the doors of the heart, has access and insight to universal knowledge. Now is the time to go into that deep expanse and allow the doors of your heart to open. Open the doors to your heart. Open yourself wide and show yourself in all your beauty.
For centuries, many of us have kept the doors of the heart closed. I like to call them the temple doors or the doors of the soul. A person who can read energies can read people’s hearts (where their true souls are located) and all the wisdom and the knowledge that these beings carry. Closing ourselves off was a means of protecting ourselves. But now it is time to let down this guard. The doors of the heart are doors that lead into the core, to the I Am. Your I Am is the pure Source of consciousness. It is true unity with God. It is often called the “God in me”. The seat of the I Am lies in your heart chakra. It is the direct connection to God. You have the strength and power of God to take control of your life. You can create what you want. So, wish for something! The energies around you, sometimes called angels or unicorns, etc., are thankfully standing by to fulfill your wishes. You can ask for support at any time, for any reason. Call out; they will hear you. Tell them what you would like to manifest out of the abundance of possibilities in your life. Your spiritual helpers and guides will help you along the way in realizing this fulfillment.

When Beat came into my life at the Health and Spirituality Fair in Zurich, I immediately recognized the connection with conscious living and consciousness itself in him. He paved the way for me to return to prayer. As a child, I had always spoken with God and received whatever I had wished for from Him.

It had been just two months since my return from Bali, a place where I completely came into my love. I had the feeling that I was finally where I had always wanted to be. I appeared to myself to be a kind of Buddha and enjoyed this state of mind. When I returned to the western world, to Switzerland, I soon noticed that the energies here required a different kind of presence in order to fully develop and expand my being. I found my strength again through prayer; for example, the Merkaba prayer, which strengthened my light-body. The Merkaba prayer is a part of the light body process, as well as the training to be a spiritual counselor, which I complete each year.
My heart is always open. However, I can still act like a normal person and earn money, that is, do my job in the “real world”. I have now learned how to stand tall with my feet firmly placed on the ground. Every day I mindfully ground myself and breathe deeply and consciously into my physical body. I have learned that I can release enormous forces through the power of thought and that I can say no when something doesn’t feel right for me. With every “No”, I experience a “Yes” for myself.

Every day, I repeat that “Yes”: to myself, to my life, to my being, and to my purpose, which I am completing in the here and now. Day by day, I make sure that I have enough quiet time for meditation and that I enjoy time with my girls and my partner. I rejoice every day when I have pleasant meetings with clients or with people on the street.

Give yourself a “Yes”, today, too. A “Yes” for your being, your potential, and consider how you would like to live here on the earth. Every day, you have the choice of finding and redefining yourself anew. Manifest with your consciousness that which you wish for with your heart. Laugh like a child, dance if you want to, or lie down when you need some quiet time. Listen to your inner self; your heart chakra will show you the way.

I am glad to be accompanying you in your light-body process and to bring you closer to the laws of manifestation. It is a wonderful path. Let’s walk it together.

I Am

I Am is the name of God, who dwells within you eternally. The seat of the I Am lies in your heart chakra, in the center of your chest. It is the divine part of you that has always lived in unity with God. Whatever you receive in your I Am is always pure. You have a direct connection to God. There are also people who call the I Am the “God in me”. Information from the I Am can be received through your inner voice. It often tells you very softly what you should eat, or how you should behave in certain situations. Whenever you say the words “I Am”, you are speaking as a creator. It is the key to manifestation on earth.

Because you are God, with every word, with every action every day, you create a new direction and thus, your life’s path. Through conscious manifestation (see the chapter: “Consciousness – Manifestation”), your life can go in the direction you want it to. This new time is very easy and you can live your life like a child. Jesus himself said: “Be like a child.” When you learn to fully enjoy the present moment, to be entirely present in the current moment, you are entirely present.

Your I Am is like a sun in your heart. It radiates in the color of the Source. The colors of your being, as you express it, are stored in your aura. Every soul carries within it the divine God of conscious unity. Every person knows deep in his/her heart what joy, love, and righteousness mean. Every person instinctively knows where s/he came from.

God can speak directly in you and with you, whenever you take the time to be still, even if it’s only for a minute. Here, you will find all the answers. Ask your I Am, and the divine in you will answer and help you.

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