Forever Vampire

Forever Vampire

Joerg Savio

EUR 19,90

Format: 13,5 x 21,5 cm
Seitenanzahl: 438
ISBN: 978-3-99048-887-4
Erscheinungsdatum: 30.03.2017
Kyran Genna is a rare mishap to become a vampire. While he is still meeting the complicated life of a modern vampire in the modern world with the humans of today, the followers of the "Old Times" want to create a terrifying realm.
I have this rough, pounding pain-causing swelling in as of vertical rods. These are but simply follow signs from the impact of my chin on the wet smooth asphalt of the alley behind the hotel with the decorated in blue and gold and red hall of the how far already past costume ball with “Barbie and her friends” and the sweet music of Beyoncé, Kiera Knightley, Shakira and Rihanna.
Then appears a small pocket mirror in front of my face and tells me one of the unknowns from behind me did I should even myself see what beautiful fine specimens I had in my red mouth.
Downright thrilled the throngs all around me, even Dr. Chandler has abandoned the previously trained them for scientific reluctance that I must indeed only open my red mouth, then I could really see the beauty itself.
I can clearly see how tormented with askance directed at the mirror looking down pointing angle of the half-open red mouth, but I do not see fangs.
I should therefore open my mouth a little further, I’m encouraged by those around me. Me dizzy, safe from the sinister quiet in the jaw muscles in my cold clammy cheeks raging convulsion.
In fact, in the lines of red lips I now see something like the spikes of white, vertical rice grains. These are the dogs, canines are always sure readily apparent. For me it’s about four millimeters above and around a millimeter bottom.
“No, no, the mouth is on far too little open.” This is now Dr. Chandler, I also hear real enthusiasm from her words as I then so the lips draw higher.
And then I go back terrified, and the red lips close abruptly again. Hard pressed which taking up the spasm of the jaw muscles, successively, until only shows a pale straight line.
Certainly I’ve seen a mirage! No one has examined large canines! Should be only about one centimeter from the series of pretty flawless teeth, has just passed up as the lower nearly seven millimeters of the top.
Then, the diameter of the flat tooth root is same exhibited approximately up to the base at least more than two centimeters, which has lower.
And the top has really pointed worked, almost needle-pointed and slightly pointing backwards, the out is therefore well ahead of the series of cutting and molars before and after it.
I was wrong, my already bent and strained brain has deluded me fangs. If I ever open my red mouth, I see again the manner of standing up about four millimeters out canines and the bottom about one millimeter, and they are nicely rounded at the ends, and they are so pretty in line with the other front and behind it.
Cautiously keys the latte-colored fingers of the right hand over the salient clearly behind red lips swelling. Scary lake the already made, martial, ascetic daring, almost fantasy terms, as if from a game on the computer. But what to even expect! To the jaws the impact has now affected the shiny black asphalt of the alley behind the hotel times. That will last long; I’ll have a quiet long run with the swelling at the corners of my jaws.
The red lips have reopened, as well are again the sharp rice grain ends out, and as the red lips right side are pushed up by my latte-colored fingers of my right hand, the mirror side facing, at once freeze all senses.
Undoubtedly are these real scary beautiful fangs, Hollywood could not have succeeded it more beautiful, the above projects beyond one centimeter out of the row, the lower reaches up to seven millimeters up.
Both are now but needle tip becomes rough, rather they have very slight rounding, but I’m sure these fangs are good to growl Jackie’s intrusive Doberman casual at all times.
Incredibly, there are fangs in my red mouth, my senses it cannot even realize!
And then pushes Dr. Chandler fingers of her right hand the pretty lips of her pretty rouged mouth up and I see that she has so fangs, a longer from above and a shorter from below.
I see that the lips are suddenly so Mikey, Kevin Lockwood, the other types, and even Dr. Lovejoy each with the fingers of their right hand moved up on the right side, and everyone has now similar fangs in the dentition, the upper each is longer, the lower this shorter.
I am completely taken aback, I perceive just how, through pursed red lips against the peculiar swelling at the corners of the jaws, from which it is not yet really penetrated my brain, that are in reality pretty strong white fangs, my breath whistling frantically takes on and out.
There are across the board all vampires, tells me my mind emptied cerebellum, and Dr. Lovejoy is their boss vampire!
Then slowly my head starts with the tousled thick bonded strands of hair from the middle to the right and from right to left and to move from left to right, then the latte-colored fingers of hands claw into the armrests of the old-fashioned swivel chair, thus stiffens the whole body as in a rigid spasm.
I dream, it is a nightmare did I’m sitting in a hospital in to unfamiliar area of ??the megalopolis of New York surrounded by vampires in a medical room and am one myself.
Soon I wake up, as if by a snip of a hypnotist, and then I’m facing this oversized Danny DeVito copy in an ordinary doctor’s room, through the open curtains shines in the sun of a new day, he makes the usual tests using me, somewhere in the background tinkers a sister.
“You do not believe me”, penetrates muffled the voice of Dr. Lovejoy towards me, while looking to reduce the Danny DeVito-eye behind the clear Danny DeVito-glasses of gold-rimmed glasses Danny DeVito into me again.
“You surely have a very real sense of you violently haunting pain of your jaws ago.” Is a new attempt to track me down to vampire! “These are the pretty new fangs in your dentition; they have grown in recent forty-eight hours at their present size.” I despair; he wants me to convince the story of a tooth vampire seriously!
Since Dr. Chandler surrounds gently with the fingers of her own hands my right hand in its spasm and resolves them from the armrest of the old-fashioned swivel chair, it leads gently up close to my face.
Then moves smoothly her index finger to the straight forefinger of me and is caressing the underside of the curved limbs.
And there’s surprisingly a low PLOPP as to unusually violent tension twitching through the whole finger. The broken nail is now obliquely downward! Enclosure she hit the nail now completely demolished me, and I try to overcome the finger as the whole hand out of her.
I look in horror at my right hand down and I am immediately afterwards surprised because the nail of the right index finger as always sits in the front gate. It is not demolished!
To grasp before I ever get around to it, what is come to pass, caress again the finger of Dr. Chandler’s hands from below against the latte-colored fingers of my right hand.
And there again now polyphonic PLOPP, I perceive with incredulity how stretching from the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger, the broken nails like the claws of a cat forward and bend down. The answer is a frantic gasp through the half- Open red mouth from me.
“Wonderful!” This is Dr. Chandler’s voice. “If even the nails are grown again, then these are the most beautiful nails that I’ve ever seen here from all of you.”
“Of course”, and that is again Dr. Lovejoy’s voice, “is because the problem with the low perceived as unnatural body temperature. You must experience a cold shower after the other so the time.”
Since Danny DeVito is right. For once I agree with him immediately, this icy feeling in my cold clammy body and over my cold clammy cheeks is pathetic. I would not even have this thing got presented with the extendable like a cat’s claws to fall back into all this clamming together in me trembling.
“In your previous life you have had always a core temperature of 36 ° C. Now there are at best between 18 ° C to about 24 ° C”, he says further. “Your cerebellum is silent however controlled at the temperature prior to the event.”
“This will soon end.” This is again Dr. Chandler, who quietly embraces with her fingers in my right hand, Cho talks further from side to me. “That’s the one part of the room temperature depending on the other hand, the final regulation temperature which the body develops after the consecration.” There is a right for me breath, I think I misheard, already talk of this enigmatic “conversion”.
“The night vision ability has made ??excellent progress”, it comes again from Dr. Lovejoy. “You could even clearly distinguish the colors!” What is this, says the now the strange tongues test from before? Any reasonably healthy person can see with a good emergency like this well and even clearly see the colors.
“I can see you do not believe me again.” Why is it just that I almost rather believe he did could read my mind? “The light which turned off completely, you have in almost total darkness even can see the colors!”
I want that now all stop this nonsense of vampires, and did the long white fangs, the retractable claws and so the imputed night vision assets are only a well-intentioned joke in complete darkness.
And they tell me did the wretched chill have in my trembling body and on the damp cheeks are caused by a real murderous fever, like the silent ongoing pain in my red mouth of the violent impact on the shiny black asphalt the alley originate behind the hotel with the decorated in red and gold room.
“What you have given me, say, what is it a great matter? Is shit or grass?” it mumbles from my red mouth between the perceptible clearly fangs at the four corners of my jaw. “Or have you here at LSD trip made me did I now see fangs to catch me and you?”
For “crack”, the cerebellum agrees with the cerebrum in, the result is not enough, while there will be very different phenomena, because fangs in the dentition and extendable claws on their fingers are too meager for it.
“So”, that sounds plenty stretched after the opening of a confession, but is surprisingly quite differently across. “If you have previously except much alcohol in the bar brought to you in the hall nothing, we have given you anything.”
Where it passes through my tormented brain, know from the decorated suddenly in red and gold hall and the hotel and the costume ball? Ever give yourself plenty of omniscient after I rather got the impression Earlier did I would have very great difficulty in my identification, so unknown about like a foundling, mother unknown.
“Kyran!” Just like me Dr. Chandler responds at once. In general, it is the first time since the, oh so far already past costume ball in the oh-so-far-off hotel and decorated in red and gold room did my name is called, which makes me shiver. “That will be difficult to grasp for you, but the attacker in the alley behind the hotel was unfortunately one of us, a vampire, and who has to ask you!”
I stare a little absent thoughtfully with a look of such roughly “I-know-not-if-you-still-normal-are”.
“If it was a man, that’s not safe, it might as well be a woman has been, you almost completely call sucked. In you is definitely up on tiny curdled radicals contain no more blood.” My eyes must now indicate something like “soon-you-turn-completely-mad”!
“According to our investigation, you must have been dead nearly four days.” Should I now tell about, of course, I can fully confirm, because the digital displays in POP’S DRUGSTORE and in the emergency room here have the date of June 12 and displayed not June 7, and did so would then correct your four days so I’m “resurrected” later in the evening of the June 11!
“Please finally end it!” The softly mumbling out breathy words now come true despair about the tenacity shown by thesis all to try to persuade me that I was a real nice with nice white vampire fangs in my cute red mouth and nice yet pretty torn extendable claws on my nice latte colored straight finger is.
Vampires are murderous bloodsuckers! The in the alley behind the hotel between Columbus Avenue and Riverside Drive has thought, he was one. These here are far from around me, even comes close to meeting the idea of even languid lovers as from the Series Soap from “Vampire Diaries”. And I have set the estimated time since June 7 was true for about eight days nothing took to me, let alone blood!
I’m amazed at how long anyway the human body is able to get along without any intake of water or solid food. I am the best proof.
Since Dr. Chandler leads my quiet surrounded by her fingers right hand in front of my chest, gently opens the latte-colored straight finger and places it flat on my chest.
“Feel that?” She asks softly, almost sadly. “No, you can even feel anything!” Of course, I’m so “cool”, since I have experienced Mikey, how he dealt with the zombies out of their coffins in the basement. Since the nervous palpitations stopped, and I therefore want to hammer out with the somewhat weak nerves that I can drink something else in the future than just best American coffee decaffeinated.
“Your heart what in the night in the alley behind the hotel stopped beating.” All I notice how Cho, Mikey, Kevin Lockwood and others have approached closer to me and their hands have laid on my arms and shoulders, as wanting infinite award consolation to me, I’m confused.
“Kyran, you are dead, died in the early morning of June 7, assassinated by an unidentified vampire!” Somehow the voice and the hem of the other in me reverberate unnaturally quiet in a vast cave. “Immediately after that was over, and has been in all the papers soon, we have put ourselves on the search for you.”
“Because we knew immediately what had happened to you, what had happened at all, one has thus found only a lot of blood at the crime-scene.” I keep hearing the serious and significant wheezing in me; it’s freezing of the strong quake in my cold body torn into individual irregular panting sounds.
“We are so happy”, she says, almost seized, “that we have found you and that you may not issue in the same way as the other four.” My eyes are a single question. “A guy has beheaded, as no conversion has been able to use because the transformation requires a joint between main and body.”
“The other three have disappeared. We assume that they are all three unsuspectingly walked in the sun!” Then enters a paralyzing silence, I hear only my only heavy incoming and outgoing breath.
I think now the open curtains of this morning, not on the two screaming protective suits, but to the many flies did I have imagined, then become many engravings from then dog hundreds of hot needles to dog hundreds of red-hot iron rods are, to the unreal fuming bubble throwing skin on my latte-colored hands, the ugly dark spots did shut uncomfortable burn.
As by a whirring wall of wadding penetrates again Dr. Chandler’s voice zoom, “Please forgive us that we have made ??you hurt, as we had so abruptly and have examined awkward brought to our security.” And her voice has something almost pleading per se. “It was completely call unintentional, but the time has ran away to us. It was already in the morning. We could not simply explain what has queued yes. “
“We had so ever retired!”
A word from the whirring wall peels out, “end of shift”, of course, she did mean when they so sincerely with “on-the-bill-put” minded “Becca” in the emergency room.
“You would not have understood it anyway”, she sighs heart vomiting on, “and we remained no more time to be able to explain it to you.” And they now sniff right on. “We had no choice but to lock away and even to knot yet because you would escape rightly so panic us at the end! But I alone would have me cannot forgive myself if you would quietly run in the sun.”
Sunlight, I think banal in all confusion, it is therefore, no sensitivity to daylight, not a rare metabolic disease. Sunlight hurt me, so I always have to stay away from sunlight.
But so did but means that I should be on the road only when it is dark in the future, during the day the sun is shining and I no longer tolerate so now!
I see all of my streaky bonded glances. Cho kneeling beside the old-fashioned swivel chair in which I sit huddled, and caressing my left hand, Mikey’s right hand rests on my shoulder.
“So I am a true vampire?” It is hesitant mumbling out of me, and I see a unanimous nod. “And you are so therefore true vampires?” Further asks the soft quiet voice, and I see a renewed, unanimous nod.
In my brain it swirls like in a washing machine. I think now intensively that wanted me Dexter Gentle, our boss, send on a course “Advanced Management” at company expense. I should then takeover to the Division II administrative commercial facilities former airplane hangars.”
I conclude then in a responsible position with customers from leases and bring the bills, I manage remodeling and renovations on the buildings.
But that’s day’s work, means sunlight! I cannot tell yet which, I’m sorry, guys, but I’m a vampire and since the hot party in the hotel in New York a bit dead! And now I can rest only for the work at night because during the day happens to be sunny, and now is anything but conducive to me!
The course should start load with request just after my return from this pretty holiday here in New York. When I consider the time, then I am two days overdue, Dexter will surely rage!
Then it’s coming up in me, that’s the solution!
“The one with the vampire, the …” I hardly dare to say so, “that’s …” I swallow hard as dry seems mean really tortured throat. “Well, that’s – as you say yourself!”
“It can be but … REPAIRED?”
“So …” I am on strike nearly in my trembling eagerness, as the, oh so difficult to stutter shaping ending voice, “I mean … well … not … OPERATED!” The voice wipes in the pitch up and away.
“And …” I wiggle right in the old-fashioned swivel chair back and forth. “Everything will be … again … as before, it is not so?”
“Is not it so?”
I see them directly in their eyes inside; there is deep sadness in them.
“It’s like this?” My voice is getting quieter expectant peculiarly occupied.
And then I see, how their heads to the left and right to move in a single joint movement from center to right and right to center, and there are truly all their heads, including that of Dr. Chandler and especially of Dr. Lovejoy, so plays on its face a particularly resigned sight you would like it looks at me through his gold-rimmed glasses Danny DeVito.
To say all NO!
Kyran, poor little tall Kyran, it cannot be repaired, by no means inoperable, since nothing like it used because there is no way back.
Now that you’re a vampire forever!
In the silence did occurs now, my eyes cut from the sad eyes pairs down slowly up to the monochrome plastic floor with the threadbare Persian runner in front of me.
And that is the moment to form a very high thin sound somewhere in my icy frozen body, it keeps some trembling seconds, then it goes out to thin to resound anew at the same height, then snorts softly sighing breath in the one body.
Then the sound is back again, more distinctly, and it’s my own voice as it breaks again and again into unrestrained sobs and desperate crying.
I just fall into a deep, absolute black hole!
The voice cries, as the little, abandoned boy could not know how I hit on the black floor. It’s just desperate cries in me. I do not suppose that many hands on my shoulders, arms and especially the latte colored hands with straight fingers it true penetrate many of the black, cold sticky tears from the dark corners of the eyes next to the dainty, slightly wide as straight nose with the small holes out and run down cold sticky on the cold damp cheeks to the chin.
The time has become endless as the weeping and sobbing is silent as flickers of views without a goal since the body decreases slightly towards the front. The head tilts down, while the tousled “salt and pepper”-hair stringy falls over his forehead forward oversubscribed by the cold sticky strips to the cold sticky cheeks face.
Senselessness that it is in me now!
“What”, asks at once the softly mumbling voice, “because as a vampire makes the whole day?”
“At night”, replies Mikey, and his hand on my shoulder is patting gently. “At night, because during the day, as we sleep.”

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