Derrick Widmer

Derrick Widmer studied jurisprudence at the University of Bern, The University of Chicago Law School, the University of Mexico D.F., and business at the Harvard Business School. He is past director of the Swiss Holcim Cement Group Support, former president of a Swiss military court with the rank of colonel. Other credits include: founder and long-time president of the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce, former Honorary Consul to the Republic of Kazakhstan, former President of the 18 Swiss Schools Abroad (educationsuisse), President of the Argovia Philharmonic Orchestra, and Vice-president of the Swiss-Russian Forum. Additionally, he served on the board of two foundations dedicated to raising scholarships for talented youth from under-privileged backgrounds.
His publishing credits include: 1) America in the Early 1960’s – A Love Story; 2) The Merry Mad Monks of the DMC: Memories of an Adventurous Life on the Thirty Eighth Parallel in Korea (an autobiographical novel, 1964); 3) Kunst in Holderbank (twenty expositions of contemporary art, published more recently than his other books).